Karen Native American Indian Woven Basket

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Karen Native American Indian Woven Basket


Authenic Karen Hill Tribe Basket
Very Rare and near impossible to acquire
Approximately 11" Tall

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This piece should only be used for display as it is a museum quality piece.
This quality basket is a "thing of the past"

Exceptional Karen Indian Basket
Perfect Condition And Very High Quality

This wonderful basket was made by the beautiful Karen lady pictured above. This basket was well used and has a wonderful smoky smell. I am sorry to say she passed on early this year. With her passing these amazing baskets become more rare as few of the younger generation are following in the old ways. it is easier to buy plastic. This masterpiece is 11" tall.

In Karen Villages, both men and women may still be seen splitting bamboo into thin pliable strips that can be woven into intricate patterns. The most commonly woven objects are steamers and containers for sticky rice, mats and traps for catching fish in the paddy. However, the skill demonstrated in this older piece is hard to match these days, and youngsters are seldom interested in the traditional skills.

This is a very special piece and a great addition for any art collector.

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Image 0 of Karen Native American Indian Woven Basket