Huge Walking Stick Bug Framed Double Glass Insect

Image 0 of Huge Walking Stick Bug Framed Double Glass Insect

Huge Walking Stick Bug Framed Double Glass Insect


Huge Walking Stick Insect
Varnished Wood Frame
Double Glass
Beveled Glass Front

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Exceptional Specimen In Double Glass
Beveled Glass Adds Dimension

Huge Walking Stick Insect
( Phobaeticus sp. )
15" tall x 9" wide and 2" thick

The walking stick is a common but often overlooked insect in the world of entomology because it is not a problem as a pest either to farmers or to ordinary people. These peaceful insects are strictly vegetarians feeding on berry, cherry and a variety of other leaves. There are over 3000 varieties of walking sticks identified world wide! Walking sticks are found primarily in the temperate and tropical regions. These creatures spend their days motionless hanging from leaves and branches waiting until dark to feed. This particular insect gets its name from its appearance, looking much like a twig or in some cases the leaves upon which it feeds.

The walking stick has the unusual ability of partial regeneration. If a leg is lost or damaged it will grow back after several successive molts. By molting, or shedding its skin, the walking stick is able to grow to an astounding size in just a few months. Once the skin is shed the walking stick eats its own molt. Walking sticks lay eggs which are dropped to the ground and remain there until they hatch. In the event there are no males in the area a walking stick can lay healthy eggs which hatch and result in females only. Walking sticks belong to the scientific order - Phasmida - Author: Dwight Zirschky

This is a beautiful specimen framed in a finished wood frame with double glass and thick beveled glass on the front. This is a giant bug ! You will be mesmerized by the colorful complexity of this glorious insect.

The display is approximately 15" tall x 9" wide and 2" thick. We mount using two pieces of glass because the front is as beautiful as the back. We also use the latest mounting technique that eliminates all smells associated with mothballs. This is important because displays using mothballs inside the frame have a strong odor. The use of beveled glass adds to the beauty of this display. It can sit on a shelf or be hung on the wall. This is a very high quality display.

We obtain our insects from suppliers that support rainforest farming and have all required license.

I guarantee this display presentation is twice as attractive as any you have ever seen. Each frame is an individual work of art and can vary slightly. The pictures don't do justice to the beauty of the displays. This is a very beautiful piece and a great accent for any home or office.

This is a very special piece and a great addition for any art collector.

Image 0 of Huge Walking Stick Bug Framed Double Glass Insect