Huge Thai Cobra Taxidermy - Very Rare Limited

Image 0 of Huge Thai Cobra Taxidermy - Very Rare Limited

Huge Thai Cobra Taxidermy - Very Rare Limited


Huge Thai Cobra
Mounted In Striking Position
I Will Choose Best Specimen or Email More Pictures
Average 13" to 16" Tall
Average 5' if Stretched Out

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Adult Size Thai Cobra
Mounted In Striking Position
"Naja kaouthia"

For the collector who has everything or just to scare your friends.
Very few people will come close to this one!

A venomous snake, native to South Asia and Africa neck has loose folds of skin which can be spread as a 'hood" when alarmed fangs short venom (more poisonous than that of vipers) attacks the nervous system usually inhabits forests, but also open country.
Some species (spitting cobras) can squirt venom up to 3 m / 10 ft into the eyes of threatening animals, and may leave them permanently blinded. The king cobra is the largest venomous snake. Cobras are the snakes of Indian 'snake charmers'. (Family: Elapidae, many species, most in genus Naja.)

You will seldom see these for sale as they are RARE and difficult to acquire and import. The Thai Government has recently stopped the issue of permits. You may never have another chance to own this Grand Venomous Specimen. If you have questions, call 1-800-321-8618. All of my Cobras are very similar but no two are exactly alike. The sizes I have range from 13" to 16" tall. The larger specimen is not necessarily the best looking Cobra. I will choose the best looking Cobra from our stock until they are finished so the sooner you acquire your Cobra the better specimen you will receive. They are all great specimens. After you buy, I will send you a grouping if you would like to choose your own Cobra.

This is a very special specimen and a great addition for any art collector.

Insured UPS Shipping is $14. in the lower 48 States and Canada. Other destinations must be calculated. Call toll free 1-800-321-8618 if you want to pay by credit card. All payment options are accepted including Paypal.
Shipping is immediate upon payment.

We also have very nice smaller specimens averaging around 12" tall that sell for $35 less than the adults.
 Call for pictures so you can choose.

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Image 0 of Huge Thai Cobra Taxidermy - Very Rare Limited