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Lady Red Panties Sculpture Art Resin
"Egg" Female Inside Egg Sculpture Resin
"Geisha" Sculpture signed by Vachaudez
"Indian Maiden" Sculpture Resin
"Lady Exposed" Sculpture Resin
"Lady In Moon" Abstract Sculpture Resin
"Perfect Behind" Female Sculpture Resin
"Sultry Maiden" Female Sculpture Resin
"Sun Worship" Female Sculpture Water Buffalo Resin
"Young Maiden" Lady Art Deco Sculpture 571
Beautiful Sculpture Water Buffalo Resin
Egyptian Female Art Deco Sculpture Resin
Exotic Female Abstract Sculptur Resin #4
Female Abstract Art Deco Sculpture 563
Female Modern Abstract Sculpture Resin #1
Female Siam Dancer Sculpture Resin
Female Undressing Deco Sculpture Resin
Female With Eyes Shut Water Buffalo Resin Sculpture
Lady Sunning Sculpture Art Resin
Mother With Child Pounding Rice Resin Sculpture
Woman Art Deco Sculpture 1091
Woman Art Deco Sculpture 640
Woman Art Deco Sculpture 685
Woman Art Deco Sculpture 965
Woman Mother Nursing Child
Woman Wearing High Heels