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Adult Art > Adult Pieces > Phallic Sculpture male erotic falic symbol

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Phallic Sculpture male erotic falic symbol

Phallic Symbolism Dating Back To 8,000 BC
"The Sacred Phallus"
Rich Patina Cast from Bone Resin
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Beautifully Detailed and Very Erotic Sculpture

The Sacred Phallus
Bone Resin  

Worship of the phallus as a symbol of creative energy has played an essential role within virtually every world culture. Strong traditions of phallic art are evident throughout Egypt, Greece, India, and Northern Europe. A wide range of art, myths, and cultural customs have been central to phallic symbolism, dating at least as far back as the Neolithic era, following the end of the Ice Age, about 8000 B.C.

  Since earliest human prehistory, the image of the phallus has been considered a symbol of the means by which the Supreme Being procreates the Universe. Some consider the worship of the phallus to be at the origin of every religion, based upon belief that the phallus is the image of the creator in mankind. Contempt, degradation, or debasement of this sacred symbol is thought to provoke the anger of the gods, for the one who scorns the very symbol of life is abandoning the human race to extinction.

This very unusual piece is made from Bone / Resin. It has a great dark color with bronze tones.. It is 7" long and will sit up or lay on it's back.

This is a very special piece and a great addition for any art collector.

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